Extended Hours, week before and during finals

From Monday Dec. 3 through finals week which end Sunday Dec. 16 there will be extended hours Mon-Thur of each week.  The Library will be open until 10 PM.

So Mon. Dec. 3 – Thur. Dec. 6 open until 10 PM

& Mon. Dec. 10 – Thur. Dec. 13 open until 10 PM

UConn Library Help Videos on YouTube

Presently there are 54 Univ. of Conn. Library videos designed to help you with various library resources.  A number of them can help with RefWorks and specific databases.  Check out:


Access to the Chronicle of Higher Education

The UConn Libraries, in collaboration with the UConn Law School and Health Center libraries, has added site-wide access to the Chronicle of Higher Education<http://chronicle.com/section/Home/5> effective immediately. The site license offers faculty, staff, and students unrestricted access to The Chronicle’s premium content.

Included in the subscription is the ability to sign up for their free e-mail newsletters such as Academe Today, The Chronicle’s popular daily report, the weekly Chronicle Review for those interested in discussion and ideas, and The Global Newsletter, summarizing world events in academe. To learn more about these and other e-mail newsletters that The Chronicle publishes see http://chronicle.com/section/Newsletters/85/

For a quick summary of what you now have access to, visit their site map at http://chronicle.com/sitemap

Connecticut Population Projections

Thanks to a collaboration between the Office of Policy and Management, UConn Department of Geography, Connecticut State Data Center, Connecticut Department of Public Health, University Libraries Undergraduate Team, and University Libraries IT Services, updated population projections have been developed for the state of Connecticut for 2015-2025 based on new methods. The population projections project was coordinated by Jonathan Pollak, a recent graduate of the UConn Department of Geography and involved a collaboration between state agencies, faculty, students, and library staff to enable these new projections to be developed in an expedited time frame to assist users across the state with planning, analysis, and decision making. These new projections include 3 fertility rates (High, Medium, Low) to assist agencies, organizations, and municipalities with planning as the population projections represent an estimate of the population for a specific area which is subject to change by a number of factors. These new projections utilize birth and death data provided by the Connecticut Department of Public Health and data from the 2010 U.S. Census.

To help users with viewing and exploring these populations Jie Lin, a PhD student in the Department of Geography, has developed an interactive map, chart, and data table interface to explore the projections data. This interface uses the Google Fusion Tables and Google Visualization API along with some customized JavaScript code to create a streamlined user interface.

View the 2015-2025 Population Projections for Connecticut at: http://ctsdc.uconn.edu/projections.html

Downloadable datasets will be released in the coming weeks along with a summary report of the projections. Explore this interface and feel free to share your feedback with us!
Michael R. Howser
Undergraduate Education, Geography,  and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Librarian

Connecticut State Data Center Associate Director

Connecticut State Data Center at the Map and Geographic Information Center – MAGIC
University of Connecticut Libraries
369 Fairfield Way – Unit 1005M
Storrs, Connecticut 06269

P: (860) 486-4589

SAGE journals available on smart phones

SAGE Journals is now mobile!

You currently have access to SAGE Journals via your library. The entire collection of SAGE online journal sites are now available in a mobile-optimized format designed for the smaller screen of smart phone devices.

How can you access your SAGE journals on your smart phone?

When you visit one of SAGE’s 670+ journal sites on your iPhone, Android or other smart phone device you will automatically be redirected to the mobile version.

Maintaining a sense of continuity with the desktop version these sites feature the essential aspects of the online site, including:

  • The Full-text content of the current issue
  • Archives
  • OnlineFirst articles (if applicable)
  • Search, authentication, and sharing tools

Mobile Site URLs

The URLs for SAGE’s new mobile sites will follow their standard URLs with the addition of “m.” after http://. For example, Criminal Justice & Behavior’s standard homepage URL is http://cjb.sagepub.com so it’s mobile site URL is http://m.cjb.sagepub.com

Want to know more?

Click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our mobile sites.

We hope you enjoy accessing your SAGE journals on the go!

Yours sincerely,

SAGE Library team

Scan and send to an email (Free)

Scan for Free!
And save paper!

Now – on library copier.

Use this function to scan
materials in BLACK and WHITE to your email address.
Materials may be sent in PDF or TIFF format.

Press Scanner button on the left front panel

In the Email section of the screen, press Manual Entry

Enter your e-mail address, then press OK in the upper section of the screen

To select a format (PDF/TIFF),
press Send File Name/Type, make a selection,
then press OK

Place material to scan on the glass

Press the Start Button for each page you wish to scan

When finished scanning, press the # (Enter) key

Then press the Clear/Stop button to make sure that your email address has been removed from the address line

If you wish to check the transmission status, press Scanned Files Status; be sure to Exit after checking.

Equipment you can borrow